The Film


TRIBE is based on real life events and incorporates the experiences of the indigenous non-actors featured. As the Belo Monte dam is completed in the Western Amazon, life there will never be the same again. This story captures that moment and the lives that have been irrevocably changed.

Thirteen year-old, KAMODJARA, and her family leave their Amazonian reservation to protest the Belo Monte dam that is displacing her people. In a nearby town, Kamodjara is separated from her father and kidnapped by sex traffickers. Meanwhile, In Brasilia, ROBERTO DEMIDICI, a bureaucrat in the agency for indigenous people, is bribed to convince the tribes to accept the dam. When Roberto arrives in the Amazon and requests a prostitute, the two meet. Kamodjara is desperate to find her family again, and Roberto offers to help her. The two begin a journey to find them until Kamodjara realizes that Roberto doesn’t actually intend to return her to her family.